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We have the space, the equipment, and the expertise to move you. 

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Our Mission

To create a positive and nurturing movement experience in which people can obtain the education and the tools they need to maximize their body's optimal function and achieve an elevated state of  health and wellness at any age.

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Rachel's Story

My journey to manual therapy and Pilates began in my teens. Twelve years of classical ballet training led to muscle imbalance and strain, leaving me injured and in pain.

The dynamic combination of neuromuscular massage therapy and the application of Pilates movement principles in a rehabilitative setting provided me effective solutions to every physical ailment I had been experiencing.

This combination also allowed me, not only to recover from my pain and injuries, but to far surpass my fitness levels that existed even before my issues began.

I pursued my education as a neuromuscular massage therapist through the St. John Fast- Track Program in 2007 and received my first Pilates certification through the Dance Department at UNLV in 2010. I coupled my movement education with a medical background, receiving my Physical Therapist Assistant degree from PIMA Medical Institute in 2013.

I have since completed the Balanced Body Mat and Reformer Comprehensive Training in 2018, along with CoreAlign I in 2019.

My most recent training was Core First Strategies through the Institute of Physical Art in July 2022.

I have spent over 17 years applying my knowledge in outpatient and in-patient PT settings, as well as in-studio private and semi-private Pilates class instruction. 

I look forward to the opportunity of assisting you in your wellness goals through our individualized dynamic sessions and programs.

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My Team

Meet Kristen Sorrells

Kristen has helped many people over her 20+ years as a physical therapist; people who have been through the entire medical system only to be told it is arthritis and nothing can be done, or despite all the tests and pills, they continue to have widespread pain. 


Kristen takes a whole body approach assessing movement of the entire system rather than the traditional approach that focuses only on the area of pain. Utilizing excellent manual skills combined with pilates training, she helps clients return to activities that bring joy and meaning back into their lives. 

Services Offered:

Physical Therapy

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Joint Mobilization

Therapeutic Massage

Manual Therapy

Pilates-Based Rehab

Orthotic Fabrication

Ergonomic Consultation

Gym Program Consultation

Contact Information

Phone: 310- 367- 1881


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7550 W. Yale Avenue

Unit B 200-1

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